Buying Military Cases for Storage in Tucson Arizona

Copper Country Antiques has a special shipment of Military Style cases in. They are in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices and are on sale for 30% off right now.

copper country trunks-imp

– They float

– You can lock them

– Great to store collectibles, guns or ammo

– Dorm room storage

– Sports equipment storage

– Tool storage

– Camping storage, animals can’t get in them

Example of sizes and prices:

5’x22x15 (missile size) $200 – 30% on sale
24x34x19 (white) $250 – 30% on sale
15x36x16 (green) $175 – 30% on sale
28x29x33 (black) $250 – 30% on sale
20x51x27 (yellow) $300 – 30% on sale

Copper Country Antiques is located at 5055 E Speedway, Tucson, AZ, corner of Speedway and Rosemont.

If you would like more information call Phil at 520-247-3548.


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