Flea Market in Tucson Arizona Every 3rd Weekend at Copper Country Antiques

Every 3rd weekend of the month Copper Country Antiques has a Flea Market, in our parking lot by Fred’s Thrift Shop. If you are not a dealer at Copper, the cost is $10. Contact us at 520-326-0167 for more information. We are at 5055 E. Speedway, corner of Speedway and Rosemont in Tucson, Arizona. Come join the fun and sell your items. Make some Christmas cash.

Flea Market in Tucson, AZ


Copper Country Antiques 2013 Blog in review

Thank you to all of our shoppers and viewers. As 2013 closes, we wish everyone blessings and prosperity for 2014.

Click here to see the complete report of our blog stats.

Booth 84 is STUFFED with quality collectibles and stuffed animals

Stop by Booth 84 for quality collectibles and stuffed animals.

Stuffed Animals Toys

Collecting Toy Cars, Toy Trucks and Toy Rockets, Tanks and Shuttles in Tucson Arizona

Booths 51 and 5000c at Copper Country Antiques specialize in collectible toy vehicles of all different kinds, and sizes. Come by and play. We’re at 5055 E Speedway, Tucson, AZ, at the corner of Speedway and Rosemont. If you are not here in town, we will be happy to ship to you.

See more vintage toys on our special toy facebook page.

Booth 5000c collectible toy cars

Booth 51 collectible toy cars

Sell your Gold and Silver in Tucson Arizona and get an extra 10%

When you sell your gold and silver at Copper Country Antiques you have the option of getting our Gift Card, or cash. If you choose a Gift Card you will receive a 10% discount when making purchases from us with it.
We are the only ones in Tucson, Arizona that offer this extra buying power. Christmas will be here sooner than you think…

Liger is starting his Christmas shopping early at Copper Country Antiques.

Turn your gold and silver into a Copper Country Antique’s Gift Card and increase your buying power by 10%.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALDO ! ~ from Tucson, Arizona ~ Copper Country Antiques

Where’s Waldo turns twenty-five in July. We wish you a Happy Birthday! 


Booth 008 at Copper Country Antiques ~ Man Cave Collectibles

This booth is filled with all kinds of great collectibles including action figures, vintage comic books, race car models, and more.

A little Father’s Day shopping maybe while you are out Mother’s Day shopping?

Storewide Sale Buffalo Bargains at Copper Country Antiques Mall in Tucson Arizona

On the 3rd weekend of each month we have a storewide sale here at Copper Country Antiques. Everything in the mall is at least 10% off.

Our vendors offer Southwestern hand made rustic furniture by Rustix, turquoise jewelry, original photographs and artwork, vintage and retro clothes, as well as Western wear and cowboy boots. You name it, we have it. Even greeting cards so you can write home and tell your friends about it.

Copper Country Antiques ‘Ranch’ in Tucson Arizona ~ Tucson Shopping

Fred the Buffalo has new friends here at Copper Country Antiques. ‘Copper Ranch’ now has a giant rooster and giraffe, along with a donkey, sheep, eagle, elephant and a little buffalo with wings.

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They are all for sale and ready to go home with you today.

Copper Country Antiques

Booth 20 at Copper Country Antiques in Tucson Arizona has great Vintage Toys and Collectible Items

Booth 20 has a very unique selection of toys, signs, telephones, statues, posters and all sorts of memorabilia.

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