Building a Library in Tucson Arizona with Copper Country Antiques

Booth 72 at Copper Country Antiques is filled with books and other items perfect to build your library at home, or office. The owner of this booth traveled extensively, and the items in his booth reflect his stops around the world.

Booth 72 books 2-imp Booth 72 books-imp Booth 72 figurines-imp Booth 72 lamp-imp Booth 72 painting-imp

Winter Wonderland of Vintage Christmas Decorations

Booth 30 inside of Copper Country Antiques is full of Christmas decorations from years past. You’ll be swept away back to your childhood as you look at these.

Booth 30 Vintage Christmas Booth 30 christmas stocking-imp Booth 30 christmas santa-imp Booth 30 christmas ornaments-imp Booth 30 Christmas ornaments 3-imp Booth 30 Christmas ornaments 2-imp Booth 30 christmas jars-imp Booth 30 Christmas figurines-imp Booth 30 christmas decorations 4a-imp Booth 30 christmas decorations 00a-imp Booth 30 Christmas cookbooks-imp Booth 30 Christmas 8-imp Booth 30 Christmas 7-imp Booth 30 Christmas 6-imp Booth 30 christmas 5-imp Booth 30 christmas 4-imp

All are available for shipping to you within the USA.


The Rodeo here in Tucson Arizona is in full Swing

If you haven’t found that perfect outfit yet, drop by Copper Country Antiques at Speedway and Rosemont. Here are a couple of cute examples of what we have for you.

Booth 36 cowgirl outfit

Booth 37 western clothes

Exhausted from Christmas Shopping in Tucson Arizona

Are you tired and is your dog mad at you because you’re going out again today? Come into Copper Country Antiques and bring your dog with you. You will both love it. 

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