Layaway for your Christmas Shopping and Shopping Year Round in Tucson Arizona

Copper Country Antiques is a great place to find that special item, or gift. Did you know that Copper Country has two Layaway Plans?  Very few stores do that now.

First, our regular layaway plan, make a deposit and have up to 90 days to pay it off. Tired of paying interest on credit cards? Layaway is the answer.

Second is our innovative plan called ‘Layaway, Take Home Today‘. Call 520-326-0167 or 520-250-1860 for more information.

We also have Gift Cards available year round for that someone you know who would love shopping with us. Surprise a relative or friend that is coming in to visit with a gift card from Copper Country Antiques. We ship thorough out the USA.

Sell your Gold and Silver in Tucson Arizona and get an extra 10%

When you sell your gold and silver at Copper Country Antiques you have the option of getting our Gift Card, or cash. If you choose a Gift Card you will receive a 10% discount when making purchases from us with it.
We are the only ones in Tucson, Arizona that offer this extra buying power. Christmas will be here sooner than you think…

Liger is starting his Christmas shopping early at Copper Country Antiques.

Turn your gold and silver into a Copper Country Antique’s Gift Card and increase your buying power by 10%.

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