Fun Shopping in Tucson Arizona at Copper Country Antiques

Have you been looking for this?

booth 20 m and m-imp


Or, maybe this?

Booth 4 s baby-imp


Come on over and shop. We promise to thrill you with things you’ll find here at Copper Country Antiques, corner of Speedway and Rosemont in Tucson, Arizona.


Copper Country Antiques 2013 Blog in review

Thank you to all of our shoppers and viewers. As 2013 closes, we wish everyone blessings and prosperity for 2014.

Click here to see the complete report of our blog stats.

Ringing in the new at Copper Country Antiques …2014

2013 Christmas fred

Have you driven by and said to yourself, “What’s in that place?” This is the time to stop. Take a relaxing walk up and down our aisles, and reflect on items from your past, and future. Look for Fred the Buffalo on the corner of Speedway and Rosemont, and up on the roof. Happy New Year to everyone!

Let’s get this party started! Welcome back University of Arizona students!

It has been great to see the army of University of Arizona students and their families all around Tucson this weekend. We hope that for those that are furnishing a dorm room or an apartment that you stop by Copper Country Antiques on Speedway and Rosemont. We have thousands of items that include all types of furniture, lamps, cookware, storage items, and much more. Welcome back, and please come and visit Copper Country Antiques!

Credit: Old record player – Booth 60


GO RETRO with Mid-Century Modern furniture at Copper Country Antiques in Tucson

Give your place that retro style with Mid-Century Modern furniture at Copper Country Antiques. To see this couch, go to booth 32. This aisle is called “Wayout West”. To see the chair just walk down “Wayout West”, just past the aisle called “Victorian Vista”, and look on the left side of the aisle.


mid_century_chair mid_century_furniture

Mother’s Day Shopping in Tucson Arizona

It’s getting close. Have you found the perfect gift yet? If not, come walk our isles. We have the best selection of unique items in Arizona. We also have blank greeting cards with original photography that are hand signed, and suitable for framing. For $2.50, it’s the best deal on cards in town.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…and don’t forget, you can bring your dog shopping with you here.

fred loves dogs-imp

Booth 33 moms diner sign-imp Booth 69 clothes boots

copper clothes-imp

Case 164 salt and pepper-imp

Case 159 kitchenware-imp

Booth 59 table and dishes-imp

Copper Country Antiques in Tucson Arizona on Speedway Blvd and Rosemont

We spruced up our front in red, white and blue. Stop in and say hi ~ Look for Fred the Buffalo on our roof. With the beautiful weather we’ve been having, it’s the perfect time to get out and shop.

Copper Country Antiques in Tucson Arizona Shopping Mall

We pay the best price in Tucson Arizona for your gold and silver, so don’t forget to bring in those things laying around you no longer use. Turn them into cash.

fred 23Apr13-imp

Vintage Dolls in Tucson Arizona

Every time I see a doll come in to a booth at Copper Country Antiques I think of how much it was loved in the past. Some sat on shelves and were loved, others were played with and show the love that was shared  between them and their owner.

These two are in Booth 5 East and were admired by the previous owner as collectible dolls. They are beautiful and have been kept that way.

Booth E5 doll hat-imp Booth E5 doll white-imp

Fred the Buffalo’s New Movie Spot in Tucson AZ

Fred the Buffalo has a new movie spot ~

He is featured here with Phillip Gaillard, the Owner of Copper Country Antiques. Watch for it in these Tucson, AZ movie theaters:
El Con
AMC Foothills
Park Place
Gateway 12 (Speedway & Kolb)

Layaway for your Christmas Shopping and Shopping Year Round in Tucson Arizona

Copper Country Antiques is a great place to find that special item, or gift. Did you know that Copper Country has two Layaway Plans?  Very few stores do that now.

First, our regular layaway plan, make a deposit and have up to 90 days to pay it off. Tired of paying interest on credit cards? Layaway is the answer.

Second is our innovative plan called ‘Layaway, Take Home Today‘. Call 520-326-0167 or 520-250-1860 for more information.

We also have Gift Cards available year round for that someone you know who would love shopping with us. Surprise a relative or friend that is coming in to visit with a gift card from Copper Country Antiques. We ship thorough out the USA.

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