Booth 84 is STUFFED with quality collectibles and stuffed animals

Stop by Booth 84 for quality collectibles and stuffed animals.

Stuffed Animals Toys


The Way It Was: Games

In the not to far past, everyone had games, cards, game boards, checkers, backgammon and more.  Kids and adults played.  It taught rivalry, sportsmanship, math and spelling at home along with entertainment without electronics.

Christmas 2012: Vintage Santa

Vintage Santa can stand in your window or add to your Santa collection.

Tom Thumb Cash Register ~ Booth 5 at Copper Country Antiques

For the little merchant in your family, this vintage Tom Thumb cash register is a collector’s item.

Dads in all shapes and sizes ~ Booth 17 at Copper Country Antiques Tucson Arizona

These two were spotted hanging out in Booth 17 just yesterday.

Happy Thanksgiving from Copper Country Antiques and Captain America Fred in Tucson Arizona

Vintage Toys at Copper Country Antiques in Tucson Arizona

Travel back in time while walking the aisles in Copper Country Antiques. Mickey Mouse, action figures, hotwheels, dolls, Breyer’s all here. If you are looking for a special toy from the past, this is the place to visit. The people that work in Copper Country will be happy to help you find that special toy.

Ask at the front counter about the Gift Cards available.

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