Find Southwestern decor in Tucson at Copper Country Antiques in Booth 40

To find items that add that “Southwest” look to your home, visit Booth 40, at Copper Country Antiques.

Southwestern decor


Come see our Antique, Mission, Mid-Century, Scandinavian, and Country Kitchen Furniture in Tucson

No matter what hard-to-find style of furniture  you are looking for, Copper Country Antiques has a streaming supply of quality items. Start with Booth 81 below.

mission_furniture antique_furniture scandinavian_furniture

The hot place for antique stoves in Tucson is Copper Country Antiques

Looking for an antique stove to add to your country kitchen? Look no further than Copper Country Antiques on Speedway and Rosemont in Tucson.

antique_stove old_stove antique_westinghouse_stove

The Rodeo here in Tucson Arizona is in full Swing

If you haven’t found that perfect outfit yet, drop by Copper Country Antiques at Speedway and Rosemont. Here are a couple of cute examples of what we have for you.

Booth 36 cowgirl outfit

Booth 37 western clothes

From Captain America Fred the Buffalo ~ Welcome Home Troops to Tucson Arizona

Look for Captain America Fred the Buffalo welcoming home the troops in Tucson, AZ.

Merry Christmas from Copper Country Antiques in Tucson Arizona

Exhausted from Christmas Shopping in Tucson Arizona

Are you tired and is your dog mad at you because you’re going out again today? Come into Copper Country Antiques and bring your dog with you. You will both love it. 

Salute to the Troops on Veterans Day from Tucson Arizona

When summer seems a little slow moving and hot in Tucson Arizona

Come shopping with us at Copper Country Antiques.

What did the rooster say to the elephant?

ROOSTER: “I want to find a gig pouring milk on Corn Flakes. Would you ever consider a job like that?”

ELEPHANT: “As long as it pays peanuts.”

Hire them both from Booth E2 at Copper Country Antiques.

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