Find that Vintage Dress you are looking for in Booth 28 at Copper Country Antiques – Tucson

Find Vintage Dresses in Booth 28 in Tucson at Copper Country Antiques. Booth 28 is located just around the corner from the aisle called “Victorian Vista” and one aisle west of  “Wayout West“. Print this MAP and take it with you when you visit.



Pottery: Useful Collectibles

Frankoma Pottery Company started in 1933 by John Frank in Oklahoma.

Booth 29 at Copper Country Antiques in Tucson Arizona ~ Vintage Easter Decorations

Vintage, retro Easter decorations, dishes, vases, glassware, jewelry boxes, knitting needles, antique and vintage buttons are just a few of the things you’ll find in Booth 29. They always have a great selection of retro table cloths too.

Vintage Dishes and Pottery in Tucson Arizona

Copper Country Antiques has a great assortment of dishes, crystal, pitchers and antique dishware. Come take a look in our cupboards. You will find items that you haven’t seen in years waiting to be added to your kitchen and dining room.

Way more fun than shopping at department stores!

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